Life After Weight Loss Surgery

Our bariatric fitness experts offer specifically designed programs and activities to help you lose weight and keep it off. Finding a fitness routine that you actually enjoy can help you stay fit, lower your health risks, and take control of chronic health conditions.

Nutritional Counseling

Improving your food habits can:

  • Reduce your visits to the doctor
  • Minimize missed work days
  • Lower medication uses and hospitalizations

The Mercy Bariatrics program offers nutritional services by a bariatric dietitian who provides the understanding and knowledge needed to maintain a balanced diet before, during and after surgery.

Bariatric Surgery Follow-Up

Our relationship with you continues long after surgery. Follow-up visits vary by patient, but typically include regular monthly visits with your Mercy Bariatric surgeon and a registered dietitian.

Mercy Bariatrics will provide each patient with ongoing support post-surgery, including access to support groups, behavioral health and a 24-hour Mercy Bariatrics hotline.