Program Overview

At the Mercy Cardiac Valve Center, we provide a proactive, multi-disciplinary approach to diagnosing and treating patients with valve disease. Our specialists partner with you to provide optimum care for your patient. Services include:

  • Coordinated patient evaluation during a single appointment
  • Advance echocardiographic evaluation
    • In the event of an echocardiogram alert, we assess medical options before recommending surgery
  • Stress testing for indicated cases
  • Duke Activity Status Index (DASI) questionnaires to proactively diagnose asymptomatic patients
  • Additional preoperative evaluations for surgical patients, including
    • Objective Society of Thoracic Surgeon’s (STS) surgical risk prediction
    • Functional/frailty index risk evaluation

Your role as the referring physician

  • Work closely with Mercy medical and surgical cardiovascular specialists on every aspect of the treatment process
  • Review a comprehensive report on your patient’s status and advise on the course of action

To refer a patient, please contact us at 484.494.4752.