Papillary lesions of the breast cover a wide spectrum of disease. They range from benign papilloma to papillary cancer. The most common are benign papillomas that are found within the central or subareolar (under the nipple) milk ducts.

Diagnosis of Papilloma

About one third of papillomas present with bloody nipple discharge.  Papillomas are also often detected on mammograms and ultrasounds.  A needle biopsy of the suspicious area of the breast is performed and the tissue is examined under a microscope in order to make the diagnosis.

Treatment for Papilloma

Once we have a tissue diagnosis of a benign papilloma, your surgeon will explain its significance.  A surgical excision (removal of tissue) is recommended for all benign papillary lesions in order to rule out a cancer. 

Concerned About Papillary Cancer?

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