Nipple Discharge 

Most nipple discharge is associated with a benign cause. However, certain types of discharge need to investigated further in order to rule out a potentially harmful source.  

Diagnosis of Nipple Discharge 

The characteristics of a nipple discharge are important to note.  For example:

  • is the discharge in one breast or both breasts?
  • is it spontaneous or is it only when the breast is squeezed?
  • what color is it?
  • is the timing related to any new medication that was recently started?
  • how long has it been occurring?  

The answers to these questions will guide your doctor in determining if any further tests need to be obtained. Imaging of the breasts and/or examination of the fluid under a microscope may be conducted.  

Treatment of Nipple Discharge 

Usually, the nipple discharge is a physiologic, normal process. However, depending on the type of discharge, as mentioned above, your doctor may elect to perform a surgical excision (removal of tissue) in order to rule out a cancerous process. Therefore, it is suggested that unexpected nipple discharge be properly evaluated by an experienced physician.   

Contact a Breast Surgeon, Gynecologist, or Breast Specialist

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