Breast Pain

Breast pain is a very common complaint. Occasionally, there is a history of trauma to the area where the pain is felt. However, in the majority of cases, breast pain has no identifiable cause. The symptoms of breast fullness, tenderness, and nodularity usually occur during the late phase of the menstrual cycle.

Diagnosing Breast Pain

The diagnosis of breast pain is clinical. Your doctor may order imaging studies, such as a mammogram or an ultrasound. A clinical breast exam by an experienced doctor should also be performed.

Treatment for Breast Pain

Breast pain is usually self limiting, meaning that it will eventually go away on its own. Because there is no identifiable cause of breast pain, treatments for breast pain are scarce. High intake of caffeine has been attributed to breast pain in certain cases. Therefore, a decrease in caffeine intake does help some patients. Other treatments with limited efficacy include prescription endocrine agents, vitamins, and/or minerals.  It is important to note that cancer usually does not present as pain, and breast pain rarely, if ever, is caused by anything that needs further treatment.

Speaking to a Doctor About Breast Pain

If you suffer from breast pain and would like to speak to a doctor, call 1.877.GO MERCY to schedule an appointment with a breast specialist.