Pediatric Speech Therapy at Nazareth Hospital

Nazareth Hospital Center for Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation and Balance offers pediatric speech therapy for children with language delays, speech disorders and other conditions.

speech therapyOur program offers:

  • Clinicians with pediatric experience
  • Daytime and after-school hours
  • Comfortable, kid-friendly waiting area
  • Collaboration with school and early intervention therapy
  • Physical and occupational therapy if needed

About Our Team

Our speech therapists are nationally certified through the American Speech & Hearing Association and hold Pennsylvania state licensure.

Our Approach

We take a team-focused, compassionate and fun approach to therapy to help kids overcome developmental delays and articulation difficulties. Our goal is to help the children we work with improve their ability to express themselves and communicate with confidence.

Questions about our program?

Call our speech therapy team at 215.335.6095.

To register and make an appointment, call 215.335.3954.