Outpatient Care

We offer comprehensive outpatient care, or ambulatory care, services at both on- and off-campus facilities, including:

Outpatient Care Process

Pre-Admission Procedure

A few days prior to admission to the Short Procedure Unit a meeting will be scheduled for the patient with the pre-admission RN and/or a Physician Assistant. The goal of the pre-admission meeting is to make the admission process convenient and easy. This department will conduct all pre-admission testing, including blood work, E.K.G, or set up a visit with an Anesthesiologist. Instructions will be given for patient preparations before and after the medical procedures.

During Your Stay

Our professional RN staff provides excellent care to thousands of patients throughout the year. Our Short Procedure Units are quiet and comfortable, offering restful recovery rooms to enable patients to be discharged to recover fully in the comfort of their own home.


One of our top priorities is for patients to have a safe and speedy recovery. Therefore, prior to discharge patients must:

  • Be able to take liquid and foods.
  • Walk with assistance.
  • Understand instructions.
  • Have a responsible party to transport them home.