Screening and Education

At each stage of development, it is important to make healthy lifestyle choices and find ways to prevent health challenges. Getting regular healthcare examinations and learning to identify potential health problems are ways to help you live longer, live better, and live happier.

Knowledge is power, especially in the battle against cancer. According to the American Cancer Society, nearly two-thirds of all cancer cases may have been prevented through simple lifestyle choices such as avoiding tobacco, improving diet and being physically active.

Cancer prevention and screening are part of staying healthy, and just as important as making good food choices and getting plenty of exercise. For women, that means paying attention to breast health through monthly breast self-exams, annual clinical breast exams and screening mammography, as directed by your doctor.

At Mercy hospitals, we offer our community access to screenings, education, diagnosis and treatment of breast and other cancers.

Check our community calendar of classes and events for updates on screenings, education and events that will empower you to good health!

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