Internal Medicine Residency

A Message from Program Director

Steven P. Kutalek, MD, FACC, FHRS

St. Mary Medical Center is proud to announce the beginning of an ACGME-accredited residency program in Internal Medicine. This tertiary care community-based hospital is part of the Trinity Healthcare network, a multi-institutional regional system of healthcare facilities that provides basic and advanced medical resources for patient care.

What a great institution for your medical training! Located in southern Bucks County, Pennsylvania, within easy reach of Princeton, Philadelphia, and New York, the hospital serves a catchment area rich with patient diversity and a breadth of pathology commonly seen only in busy urban medical centers. This patient population will be the focus of your training in Internal Medicine, from primary care and wellness visits, through geriatrics and palliative care, to the most advanced subspecialty diagnostic and procedural services of any hospital system in the region.

Our Facilities

The St. Mary inpatient facility houses 371 beds, with extensive ICU, Coronary Medical and Cardiothoracic Intensive Care Units, a Level 2 Trauma Center, Neurology Intensive Care, step-down units, and general medical floors. On site are an extensive operating suite, an oncology patient care and infusion center, expansive radiologic facilities for advanced imaging, cardiac catheterization and electrophysiology laboratories, a wellness center, and patient educational facilities.

The Emergency Department is expansive, with 78 beds and a separate Pediatric Emergency Department; it is very active, and it provides a great opportunity for learning acute diagnostic techniques and the transition of care to an inpatient level. St. Mary Rehabilitation Hospital is a newly constructed inpatient center with expansive grounds located within sight of the main hospital building.

The outpatient care facilities for many of the physician practices at St. Mary are immediately adjacent to the hospital. Other offices for geriatrics, primary care, and a large range of subspecialty care areas are located near the main campus.

Residents and Faculty

Residents will be assigned to general medical office hours within the busy practices of faculty. Using the 4 + 1 schema for rotations, residents will have ample time in the outpatient setting to develop skills necessary for ambulatory care.

Faculty educators in general internal medicine, as well as in the medical subspecialties, have extensive experience in their fields, and they come from a variety of superb training institutions. Residents will rotate with dedicated hospitalists, full-time 24/7 intensivists, and with dedicated nocturnists who work closely with the Emergency Department for night-time admissions.

Becoming an integrated part of the healthcare team will enable you as a resident to acquire extensive graded responsibility for the care of your patients. You will participate in morning report and noon conferences, quality initiatives, M&M, and grand rounds. Interdisciplinary patient care and education will stand as the hallmark for your professional development into superbly capable Internists. The opportunity to rotate on electives will strengthen your experience in subspecialty care areas of your choice.

Presentations on rounds and in conferences will focus the resident’s knowledge and provide a means for questioning and discovery. There will be the opportunity for more formal research studies developed in conjunction with the resident and a faculty preceptor.

We look forward to your learning more about the Internal Medicine Residency Program at St. Mary Medical Center. Please contact us at 215.710.6600 or


Steven P. Kutalek, MD, FACC, FHRS
Program Director, Internal Medicine Residency
St. Mary Medical Center