Resident Testimonials

Nicholas CorridoniI was looking for a transitional year program with graduated autonomy, hands on learning, and a wide range of pathology and patient acuity. My year at MCMC was everything that I was looking for in a Transitional Year program.

I was given the autonomy to grow and learn in a demanding but safe and professional environment. The ICU, as well as elective rotations, allowed me to gain confidence in both my medical knowledge as well as my procedural skills. Ultimately, the program also challenged each of us to explore who we were as people as well as what type of physicians we wanted to become.

The Transitional Year also includes a wide variety of elective months, which allows for greater exploration and expansion of medical knowledge in specific areas of interest to each intern. The ability to tailor the year to fit your interests allows for increased personalized growth and was just another great aspect of training at Mercy Catholic Medical Center.

Nicholas Montecalvo, MD
2016 Graduate

Alyssa GoldbachChoosing Mercy for my transitional year was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. As a medical student I spent several months at Mercy in various specialties and throughout it all I really felt part of a patient centered team, delivering quality care with an emphasis on education.

I knew that as an intern I would be given both freedom and guidance to grow and develop as a young physician. I couldn’t have asked for a better place to prepare me for my radiology residency. The diversity of electives and core months in the ICU and on floors really gave me a fantastic foundation for my future. Thanks Mercy for a great year!

Alyssa R. Goldbach, D.O.
2016 Graduate

Jack Annunziato

The Mercy TYR gave me exposure to extremely sick and complex cases. I left confident knowing I could run a Code Blue, manage a hypertensive emergency, and adjust a ventilator in the middle of the night. As a TYR, the sheer amount of electives gave me the flexibility to tailor my education towards my needs in PM&R. I had wonderful learning experiences reviewing spine MRIs and head CTs in my Radiology elective. I followed patients during their recovery from cancer during my Radiation Oncology elective. I performed joint injections and Osteopathic Manipulation in my outpatient Pain Medicine elective.

As a dual accredited program, I knew that my credentials would be valid for both ACGME and AOA accredited programs and count towards a year of Osteopathic post-graduate training required for some state licenses.

Leaving Mercy was bittersweet because I had grown accustomed to the camaraderie amongst the residents and the attendings. Yet I started my residency confident knowing I participated in so much in such a short time. I learned how to break bad news, how to coordinate a team, how to prepare a patient for a successful discharge, and when and how to ask for help when questions remained. I still maintain the friendships I've made during that year, and I look forward to beating those friends in fantasy football this season!

Jack Annunziato, DO
2016 Graduate



John McLaughlinI had a great experience during my transitional year at Mercy. I had the opportunity to choose from a variety of electives and was able to cater my schedule specifically to prepare me for a career in ophthalmology with a strong foundation in medicine. My electives in neuro-radiology, pathology, and anesthesiology have already proven to be especially beneficial.

During my anesthesiology rotation I was able to perform several intubations and received daily teaching from the chief anesthesiologist. This has made my transition to the operating room to be as smooth as possible.

During my neuro-radiology rotation I received daily teaching on anatomy and disease processes that has already proven to be invaluable as an ophthalmologist. I specifically remember encountering imaging of orbital cellulitis, orbital fractures, malignancies invading the orbit, optic neuritis, and countless other pathology.

My internal medicine rotations provided me with a tremendous amount of diverse pathology. Learning the standard of care for diabetes and hypertension is essential for an ophthalmologist and Mercy did a great job of preparing me.

Finally, my critical care and emergency medicine rotations at Mercy left me confident that I could calmly and effectively handle unforeseen complications that are inevitable to occur in the operating room.

John McLaughlin, MD
2016 Graduate



“I look back and think it was a wonderful year. The teaching was exceptional and every faculty member was creating an amazing learning environment for interns and residents to grow and succeed. The program provided a wide variety of electives. The program director and chief residents were always willing to go the extra mile to help with any issues during the internship year. The relationships amongst the interns were very good. Overall, I have been absolutely delighted with my experience here. I feel well prepared for the next year.”

2016 Graduate


David Janerich“Mercy was a great place to train for my transitional year before going on to PMR. I learned a substantial amount of medicine while having the flexibility to choose enough electives. The camaraderie among the residents and professionalism of attendings makes Mercy an inviting place to train and learn.”

David Janerich, DO
2016 Graduate



Sergiy Kushchayev“I would like to thank the wonderful TYR Mercy Catholic Medical Center team for the fantastic year I spent here. The program is doing such an outstanding job of creating individual curricula according to an intern's career interests. The faculty has been really supportive and extremely approachable. We were living in the family-friendly and collegial atmosphere, got along great with each other, and we sincerely enjoyed working as a team helping each other out.

The faculty is full of excellent educators, and the diverse pathology offered by the hospital creates outstanding opportunities to learn. I am overjoyed to have received such an excellent education, as I feel well-prepared for the challenges in my residency. This is truly a great place with wonderful people! I will miss you, remember you fondly, and think of you often.”

Sergiy Kushchayev, MD
2014 Graduate



“I had a diverse training experience at Mercy owed to the patient population, quality teaching faculty and guidance from upperclassman.  If given the opportunity to repeat my internship, I would definitely come back to Mercy for my training.”

2014 Graduate


Matthew Troum

“When I first thought about starting residency I was nervous and scared that I couldn't keep up with the demand of the learning curve but being at Mercy really made that transition as smooth as it could be. The attending presence and the guidance was phenomenal.

In my transitional year, going into anesthesia, I wanted to learn as much as possible and not only did I learn and develop skills I will use throughout my career, I made life long friends. 

Being at Mercy I felt like I had an ability ask any questions I wanted even though I knew these questions weren’t the brightest but I never felt shy to ask questions to attendings, to nurses, to respiratory therapists. As a brand new face to the system I always felt comfortable to ask whatever I wanted.

Mercy made me very culturally aware. Being the “airport” hospital we were exposed to great pathology from various countries. The pathology seen in the Mercy system was incredible whether it be malaria or very complex patients that come in from other countries having never seen a doctor in their life.

Overall being at Mercy has made me a compassionate, understanding, and extremely happy that I went into this field. You will find your time at Mercy valuable with the different populations, the incredible pathology you see, and the guidance and teaching from attendings. Your experience will be as good as mine. I tell all my med school friends about Mercy some have matched there and if you ask them they will be the first to tell you how happy they are.”

Matthew Troum, DO
2014 Graduate



“The transitional year program gave me plenty of flexibility to do elective rotations with physicians who prioritized teaching; this was invaluable in giving me the knowledge needed to succeed in my specialty.”

2014 Graduate