Message from the Program Director

Gabriel S. Lerman, DO

Director of Osteopathic Medical Education
Mercy Catholic Medical Center

Welcome to Mercy Catholic Medical Center (MCMC) and thank you for your interest in its one-year transitional program.

It is a program that has particular relevance in today’s rapidly evolving medical landscape. Over the course of the year, residents have the ability to step into a medical system and gain an individual perspective of the challenges and personal rewards of providing care across a wide range of disciplines.

The program’s balance of didactic education and clinical training gives residents a broad-based experience from which they can make an informed decision regarding the next step in their career. In this way, MCMC’s program serves the dual objectives of helping residents to identify the specialty they would like to pursue while providing rigorous academic and clinical training for those who have decided on a specialty and must now fulfill certain requirements.

Residents participate in an interdisciplinary learning experience provided by a hospital system with deep roots in the community and a strong commitment to its patient population. They interact with faculty members and staff who recognize the importance of a transitional year and are fully committed to making the year at MCMC a positive, informative and fulfilling experience.

I encourage to you to take a close look at the benefits that MCMC’s TYR program has to offer. It has helped to guide a great many residents to the next phase of their career.