Brain and Brain Tumor Surgery

Neurosurgery excellence where you need it

No one looks forward to a brain operation, but when you need surgery for your neurological disease or disorder, or after a fall or an accident, it’s reassuring to know that you have the Neurosurgery team on your side.

Through an affiliation with Jefferson Neuroscience, Mercy Neurosurgery offers comprehensive care and around-the-clock neurosurgical coverage at Mercy Philadelphia in West Philadelphia and at Mercy Fitzgerald in Darby, Delaware County. Now, some of the best neurosurgeons in their profession are just a phone call and a short drive away. The highly skilled professionals at Mercy Neurosurgery provide unmatched diagnostics and imaging, neurosurgical services, rehabilitation, and support

When it’s a brain tumor

Of course, complete or nearly complete surgical removal of a brain tumor is best for the patient. The main goal is to reduce pressure on the surrounding brain tissue by removing as much of the tumor as safely possible while still preserving brain function. 

Often, brain tumors are treated with surgery, radiation, and/or chemotherapy. Cancer treatment options like radiation and chemotherapy are used more often for malignant tumors, but decisions as to what treatment to use depend on a number of factors. In most cases, diagnoses by stereotactic biopsies are used for brain lesions that are difficult to reach and remove. Traditionally, neurosurgeons open the skull through a procedure called a craniotomy to be sure they can access the tumor and remove as much of it as possible.

Experienced neurosurgeons in Philadelphia

The Mercy Neurosurgery team, through its affiliation with Jefferson Neuroscience, offers patients requiring brain tumor surgery access to a team of neurosurgeons that averages more than 600 operations a year on both benign and malignant tumors. This makes the network one of the busiest brain surgery operations in North America. With such specialized, world-class healthcare available so close to home, Mercy patients can be near loved ones while receiving the important treatment they need.