Rehabilitation Therapy

Physical Therapy

Mercy LIFE – West Philadelphia certified physical therapists work with seniors to help maintain their current functional abilities. Our physical therapists assist seniors using heat therapy, mobility exercises, fall prevention strategies and other techniques. They can also make recommendations for assistive devices such as walkers, wheelchairs and braces. Seniors have full access to physical therapy as needed.

Occupational Therapy

Mercy LIFE – West Philadelphia certified occupational therapists ensure safety in senior's homes and can make recommendations to prevent falls and improve functionality around the home. Our therapists are also available to assist with kitchen safety and can provide devices to help with daily grooming activities.

Mercy LIFE – West Philadelphia Makes Seniors Independent

For questions regarding Mercy LIFE – West Philadelphia services, please contact us at 267.787.8282. If you are hearing impaired, please access the PA Relay Service at 800.654.5984 or by dialing 711.