Recreation and Social Day Program

Staying active is good for mental, physical and spiritual health. Recreation Therapy activities are available to all seniors and are tailored based on individual physical and cognitive abilities. Mercy LIFE – West Philadelphia’s Certified Recreation Therapists make sure seniors never have a dull moment while spending time at the day center.

Activity Calendars

December 2019

Circle of Care [pdf, 2mb]
Golden Moments [pdf, 2mb]
Main Street [pdf, 1mb]

Mercy LIFE – West Philadelphia provides three levels of recreation therapy activities:

Main Street

Main Street activities are available to seniors who need little to no assistance from Mercy LIFE – West Philadelphia staff to participate in the fun. These activities are focused on increasing physical exercise, cognitive functioning, creativity, socialization, and self-expression.

Golden Moments

Golden Moments activities are geared towards seniors who may need moderate assistance from Mercy LIFE – West Philadelphia staff but are still able to participate independently. Like most of the recreation therapy activities at Mercy LIFE – West Philadelphia, Golden Moments activities promote physical exercise, cognitive functioning, and encourage creativity.

Circle of Care

Seniors in the Circle of Care enjoy similar activities but have direct assistance from Mercy LIFE – West Philadelphia staff based on the nature of their Cognitive and physical health. Activities in Circle of Care focus on mental and sensory stimulation to allow seniors who may experience cognitive impairments such as Dementia and Alzheimer’s to be engaged and active.