Breast Cancer Treatment

Surgical Removal of Breast Cancer

Surgery is performed to excise (remove) the cancer from the breast. Various surgical procedures are available, including breast conservation (part of the breast is removed), oncoplastic resection (large tissue is removed and the remaining breast tissue is rearranged to gain optimal cosmetic results), mastectomy with or without reconstruction, and nipple sparing mastectomy. Additional lymph node resection may be done to accurately stage the disease.

Using Radiation to Treat Breast Cancer

radiation therapyRadiation therapy is conducted in order to destroy any cancer cells that may remain after surgical excision. The type and length of radiation therapy will vary based on your type of cancer and the type of surgery that was done.

Treating Breast Cancer with Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy may be indicated if you have a type of cancer that is likely to spread or has already spread outside the breast. The specific type of chemotherapy will be determined by your medical oncologist, who will evaluate your medical condition and the cancer type thoroughly.

Using Hormones to Treat Breast Cancer

Endocrine therapy, in the form of a hormone pill, may be prescribed to you if your cancer has hormone receptors (estrogen and progesterone) present.

Find the Breast Cancer Treatment Right for You

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