Patient Testimonial Videos

Theresa Donegan Capodanno

Theresa Donegan Capodanno lost 150 pounds with the help of Dr. Ramachandra and Mercy Bariatrics.

Christine Jackson

Christine Jackson feels like a whole new person after she lost 140 pounds. Christine had gastric bypass surgery done with Dr. Ramachandra at Mercy Bariatric's.

Ellen Dine

Ellen Dine had gastric bypass surgery with Dr. Ramachandra and Mercy Bariatrics in 2009 and lost 100 pounds and feels absolutely amazing.


Mercy Bariatrics helped Antoine lose 170 lbs. and is now the person he's always wanted to be.


Joel underwent gastric bypass surgery at Mercy and has lost 122 lbs in 12 months. He now enjoys long walks with his wife; something that wasn't possible before he had gastric bypass surgery.


Collette had bariatric weight loss surgery January 2011. Six months later she has lost 61 lbs and counting. She now feels good about herself and enjoys life.

Douglas E. Yancy

Douglas E. Yancy had gastric bypass surgery with Dr. Ramachandra and Mercy Bariatric's. Douglas dropped from a size 56 suit to a 44 after losing 106 pounds.

Richard Mitchell

Richard Mitchell had Bariatric bypass surgery in February 2010 by Dr. Ramachandra at Mercy. Since then he has lost 200 pounds and feels like a new person.

Alicia Knox

Alicia Knox believes lap band surgery with Dr. Ramachandra saved her life in 2008. Her experience at Mercy Bariatric's was phenomenal thanks to their caring staff.

Anne Fennel

Anne Fennel used to have a hard time getting out of bed but since losing 88 pounds after surgery with Dr. Ramachandra, Anne has been on the go ever since.


Katrina decided to have gastric bypass surgery in September 2009 and has lost over 136 lbs so far. She's now the person she's always wanted to be.