The Transitional Year Residency curriculum at Nazareth Hospital is a well-designed program with exposure to a diverse patient population with wide range of health issues. Residents develop fundamental clinical skills through patient care experiences rotating in both inpatient and outpatient settings through various disciplines such as General Internal Medicine, General Surgery, Emergency Medicine, Critical Care, Family Medicine clinic and Palliative care and Hospice.

They can choose electives in various subspecialties of the medicine of their choice. The residents will also participate in various other educational activities such as grand rounds, journal clubs, ethics rounds, didactic lectures, tumor board, morning reports, research and scholarly activity to broaden their experience. 

Clinical Curriculum

The clinical curriculum consists of 13 four-week blocks as follows:

  1. Sixteen (16) weeks of general internal medicine
  2. Eight (8) weeks ICU 
  3. Four (4) weeks ER
  4. Four (4) weeks General Surgery
  5. Four (4) weeks Night Float in General Internal medicine
  6. Three (3) weeks of vacation and one (1) week of Palliative care
  7. Twelve (12) weeks of electives that a resident can choose from the following specialties: anesthesiology, nephrology, radiology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, infectious disease, hematology and oncology, neurology, extra rotation in ICU, cardiology, general internal medicine and physical medicine and rehabilitation.