CHE-Clinical Wireless Network

CHE-Clinical is a secured wireless network available exclusively to our providers. This replaces the over-taxed “guest” wireless network and allows providers to use their own personal devices to access clinical systems at our facilities.

CHE-Clinical supports a variety of platforms, including iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS. To access CHE-Clinical, a simple, one-time onboarding process is required to bring the new device onto the network for the first time. Documents with step-by-step instructions are below for the various platforms are available on MercyNet and the CHE SharePoint Portal by searching CHE-Clinical.

CHE- Clinical Galaxy Tablet 10.1 [PDF, 902kb]

CHE- Clinical Android Phone [PDF, 842kb]

CHE- Clinical iPad-iPhone [PDF, 384kb]

CHE- Clinical MAC OSX 10.x [PDF, 643kb]

CHE- Clinical Windows [PDF, 627kb]