Respiratory Care Services

Respiratory Care provides comprehensive services to patients suffering from breathing disorders caused by lung and heart disease. Respiratory Care services include diagnostic testing, therapeutic treatment, rehabilitation and preventative care, as well as smoking cessation counseling, intervention, and education.

Respiratory Care staff includes therapists who have advance certifications in emergency care for newborns, pediatrics, and adults; as well as have specialty credentials for diagnostic testing, asthma education, and tobacco dependence intervention.

We provide inpatient Respiratory Care services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Outpatient services are provided by appointment and include pulmonary function studies, EEGS, bronchoscopy diagnostic procedures and pulmonary rehabilitation. Please contact the hospital for more information about outpatient respiratory services.

Healthy Lung Program

The Healthy Lung Program at Mercy Fitzgerald and Mercy Philadelphia offers low-dose chest CT screening for lung cancer. This annual screening is recommended for older smokers at high risk for lung cancer. The scan is proven to help detect lung cancer at earlier stages of the disease, when treatment can be more effective.

Pulmonary Diagnostic Lab

Pulmonary Diagnostic labs provide Spirometry, Lung Volumes and Diffusion Capacity studies as well as 6 minute desaturation studies and Methacholine challenges.