Cancer Resources

If you have been diagnosed with cancer, being well-informed about the disease will be a key component in helping you make knowledgeable decisions regarding your options for treatment.

Our Cancer Care Coordinators help our patients and their families through the diagnosis, treatment and recovery process.

Genetic Counseling

For some types of cancer, particularly breast and colorectal, genetic factors may contribute to your or your family members’ risk of developing the disease. Through our affiliation with the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Network at Jefferson, a genetic counselor is available on site to review personal and family history of cancer, determine the likelihood of hereditary cancers, discuss genetic testing options if indicated and desired, and answer any questions.

Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are designed to test new therapies (drug or device) for treating diseases like cancer. Clinical trials are clearly defined protocols that involve with close and frequent monitoring by your physician. Trinity Health Mid-Atlantic collaborates with the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Network at Jefferson in offering patients an array of clinical trial opportunities. Participation in clinical trials may offer patients access to experimental technologies, therapies and/or medications new to the treatment of cancer. Participation in clinical trials is completely voluntary and participants may withdraw at any time.

Online Support


  • Cancer As a Turning Point, by Lawrence LeShan.
  • The Cancer Survival Guide: Practical Help, Spiritual Hope, by Kay Marshall Strom.
  • The Gift of Peace, by Joseph Cardinal Bernardin.
  • Chicken Soup for the Surviving Soul: 101 Healing Stories About Those Who Have Survived Cancer, by Vickie Girard.
  • Hope in the Face of Cancer, by Amy Givler.
  • When Life Becomes Precious, by Elise Babcock.

General Resources

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Chemo Care

Living Beyond Breast Cancer


National Breast Cancer Coalition


National Cancer Institute (NCI)


RT Answers (Radiation Therapy)