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  • A newfound passion and happiness 10/24/2018

    Dorothy Daniels, 69, discovered a hidden talent at the Mercy LIFE – West Philadelphia Day Center, along with a new and happier life.

  • Bag some healthy groceries 10/24/2018

    Good foods can be found whether you shop at a supermarket or a small neighborhood store, says Joyce Stevens, Dietary Manager at Mercy LIFE – West Philadelphia.

  • Can you safely take fewer medications? 10/24/2018

    As we get older, our health problems tend to increase. Because of that, we often need to take a lot of medications.

  • Keep your mind active 10/24/2018

    You know that working out your body is good for your health. But what about working out your mind? That’s also crucial, it turns out.

  • Know your options for healthy fruits and veggies 10/24/2018

    Mercy LIFE invites the Share Food Program to its Adult Day Centers several times a month.

  • New Mercy LIFE Center opens in Norristown 10/24/2018

    Being able to stay at home is the best choice. And the newly opened Mercy LIFE Day Center in Norristown, Pennsylvania, can help make that happen.

  • Prevent dry skin this winter 10/24/2018

    Does your skin tend to get dry, itchy and flaky this time of year?

  • Tips for a better night’s sleep 10/24/2018

    “To stay healthy—and alert the next day—you still need the same seven to nine hours of sleep every night,” Dr. Mingle says.

  • Tips for getting a better night’s sleep 10/24/2018

    If only getting a good night’s sleep were as simple as shutting your eyes. But as we get older, a solid night’s sleep may be something we only dream about.

  • 5 secrets of successful aging 7/17/2018

    Nobody can stop time. “But we can improve our chances of aging well and staying vibrant and as healthy as possible,” says David Mingle, MD.