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  • Q&A: Understanding medications 10/24/2018

    Aditi Chincholi, MD, a primary care physician, answers key questions about medicines and the knowledge you need to help protect your health.

  • Quality care you can count on 10/24/2018

    Trinity Health Mid-Atlantic hospitals earn top honors for heart failure and stroke care.

  • Tips for a better night’s sleep 10/24/2018

    “To stay healthy—and alert the next day—you still need the same seven to nine hours of sleep every night,” Dr. Mingle says.

  • Training the next generation of doctors 10/24/2018

    July is when newly minted MDs extend their training and start residencies.

  • What to know about palliative care 10/24/2018

    Palliative care can help people live their lives and continue with daily activities.

  • 5 secrets of successful aging 7/17/2018

    Nobody can stop time. “But we can improve our chances of aging well and staying vibrant and as healthy as possible,” says David Mingle, MD.

  • A full life once again 7/17/2018

    Ask Levera McGee how old she is, and she chuckles. “That’s a good question,” she says, but quickly adds that she was born in 1935.

  • A vision for the future 7/17/2018

    Our new President shares his commitment to the hospital and the community.

  • Ask the doctor 7/17/2018

    Donna Raziano, MD, explains an an advance directive, and why its important to have one.

  • Cancer care: Expect only the best 7/17/2018

    At Nazareth Hospital, you can count on highly skilled cancer specialists who follow the latest evidence-based guidelines for treating the disease.