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  • Q&A: Fighting cancer with better treatments 7/8/2019

    Rajesh P. Thirumaran, MD, an oncologist at Mercy Catholic Medical Center, discusses the latest in cancer care.

  • Q&A: Mind your medications 3/1/2019

    Medicine is meant to help you feel better, not worse. But a lot can go wrong if you don't understand your medicine - and how to take it safely.

  • Q&A: Women and bone strength 3/1/2019

    As women get older, their bones tend to lose some of their strength. That puts them at risk for the brittle-bone disease called osteoporosis.

  • Q&A: Understanding medications 10/24/2018

    Aditi Chincholi, MD, a primary care physician, answers key questions about medicines and the knowledge you need to help protect your health.

  • Q&A: Learn about your risk for stroke 7/17/2018

    Without sufficient blood and oxygen, parts of the brain begin to die. That's why stroke is always an emergency.

  • Q&A: Surgical oncology with Carmine Volpe, MD 3/27/2018

    When someone is diagnosed with cancer, they may be treated by a variety of doctors with different specialties. One of those might be a surgical oncologist.

  • Q&A with Dr. Jackson-DeVose 10/23/2017

    An OTC remedy might seem like a good solution when you feel a cold coming on. But you should be cautious about taking products if you have a heart problem or high blood pressure.

  • Q&A: Women’s heart care cardiologist Dr. David Addley 6/12/2017

    With more than 10 years as an attending cardiologist, David J. Addley, DO, FACC, listens differently to his female patients.

  • Q&A: The many benefits of bariatric surgery 3/16/2017

    Bariatric surgery can help people lose a lot of weight. But these surgeries—there are several different kinds—offer benefits beyond weight loss.

  • Q&A: A change for the better for women 6/14/2016

    Has it been at least a year since your last menstrual period? Then you’re officially postmenopausal. It’s a time that comes with new health issues, which are related to lower levels of the hormone estrogen.