Postpartum Care

Tiny Blessings Postpartum Program

Post Partum Care Home HealthMercy Home Health is here to support you on your postpartum journey. Our Tiny Blessings Program will provide you with a nurse experienced in caring for mothers and infants who will visit you in your home to ensure a smooth recovery.

Your Tiny Blessings nurse will provide these postpartum services:

  • Check your blood pressure
  • Check your incision if you’ve had a C-section
  • Review discharge instructions and medications
  • Provide you with support
  • Provide education and answer your questions

Your Tiny Blessings nurse will provide these services for your baby:

  • Weight checks
  • Breast and bottle feeding guidance
  • Jaundice monitoring
  • Perform a bilirubin blood test if ordered by your baby’s doctor 
  • Review discharge instructions and medications 

Prenatal Services

As a part of our Tiny Blessings Program, Mercy Home Health is also able to provide care to you throughout your pregnancy.

pregant womanPrenatal services may include:

  • Hyperemesis Treatment
  • Progesterone Injections
  • Anticoagulation Therapy
  • Fetal Heartbeat Monitoring
  • Gestational Diabetes Monitoring and Education
  • Blood Pressure Monitoring