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CareConnect employeeTelehealth Monitoring Program

Home is where the healing process happens around the clock with Mercy CareConnect Telehealth Monitoring Program.

90% of Mercy CareConnect patients avoid ER visits and hospital stays while on the program.

Telehealth provides on-the-spot readings of your weight, blood pressure, heart rate, and blood oxygen levels. Your results are electronically sent to a Mercy Home Health registered nurse. If any vitals look abnormal, we will call you and even notify your physician if necessary. If you have heart disease like CHF, diabetes, high blood pressure, or lung disease like COPD, you may need to make lifestyle changes to stay healthy.

Telehealth helps you:

  • Have peace of mind knowing our team is monitoring your vital signs every day
  • Avoid unnecessary emergency room visits and hospital readmissions
  • Jumpstart positive lifestyle changes
  • Keep track of your daily vitals from the comfort of your own home

In addition to following doctor’s instructions about diet, exercise, and medication, it is very important to be able to track your symptoms on a regular basis. With Mercy Care Connect, your home health care team can do just that.

Telehealth helps your Registered Nurse and Physician:

  • Monitor your weight, blood pressure, heart rate and blood oxygen levels daily
  • Manage your care by troubleshooting minor problems before they become urgent
  • Keep a detailed record of your vital trends
  • Support communication between Mercy Home Health and your physician

We’ll give you all of the Philips eCareCompanion Home Monitoring equipment you need. The monitoring system is provided at no extra cost to patients and is very easy to use.

readmission rates

Readmission Rates

Mercy Home Health telehealth monitoring services can keep you out of the hospital. In fact, 90% of Mercy Home Health telehealth patients avoid hospital readmission within 30 days of discharge because of the services provided through the program. Click graph to view larger.

*Results based on 30-day readmission rates for all payors.

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