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The PACS Web Images are available for preview for 30 days after date of procedure. For studies older than 30 days, please contact the hospitals film library.

If you have questions about the PACS system, please contact Eric Reinholt at 610.237.4498 (phone) 610.221.4504 (pager), or

PACS PC Configurations

The following reflects minimum and recommended PC configurations for viewing PACS images. Please refer to these settings if you are experiencing problems viewing the images.

Processor: Minimum Pentium II 450 MHz Processor
RAM: Minimum 128 MB RAM with 256 MB recommended
Video RAM: Minimum 8 MB Video RAM with 16 MB recommended
Video Display Settings: 24 bit resolution
Ethernet Card: 100 Mbps
Operating System: Windows 98, NT, or 2000
Internet Explorer: Microsoft JAVA Virtual Machine version 3.167 or higher
Internet Connection: DSL or Cable Modem (a dial-up modem is NOT sufficient)

PACS Password Request

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  • To keep and maintain confidential all information and records concerning patient(s) to which I may have access.
  • Only access information and studies on patients who are in my care.
  • I am solely and fully accountable for any information entered in to the system under my password.
  • I understand that Mercy Health System may, for any reason, amend the requirements for access or otherwise terminate my access to patient information and studies.
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The following are additional methods of contact. These methods of contact will only be used to notify users if there is a PACS emergency such as an unscheduled shutdown.