Integrity and Compliance

Trinity Health was established on a foundation of faith-based principles: Respect, Social Justice, Compassion, Care of the Poor and Underserved, and Excellence. These principles and the Mission serve as a compass to guide our ongoing health care ministry.

Trinity Health is committed to acting with integrity and making decisions based on the highest standards of ethical behavior, including complying with all applicable laws and regulations. Under the direction of the Board of Directors, Trinity Health established the Integrity & Compliance Program in 1997 in support of this commitment.

Why is it called an Integrity & Compliance Program?

Trinity Health is not only concerned with compliance with laws and regulations, but also with behaviors and actions consistent with our Mission and Values. Compliance asks the question, “Can we do this?” Integrity asks the question, “Should we do this?”

The Integrity & Compliance Program provides our colleagues, medical staff, vendors and other business partners with resources to assist them in meeting applicable legal, ethical and professional responsibilities in Trinity Health. One key resource is Trinity Health’s Code of Conduct [PDF, 65kb], which describes expected behaviors and conduct of all who work in Trinity Health and provides appropriate responses to common issues that are often encountered in the workplace.

The Supplier Code of Conduct [PDF, 55kb] communicates the minimum standards by which all Trinity Health vendors are expected to conduct themselves when providing goods or services to our system. Other key components include education and training, auditing and monitoring of Trinity Health business activities, and mechanisms that allow colleagues, medical staff, vendors and other business partners to raise issues and concerns so they may be dealt with timely and appropriately.