Hernia Surgery

Multiple Types, Treatment Near You

Hernias are very common. Almost five million Americans get them each year.

  • Some are sudden and can cause pain when you cough or move
  • Some develop over time and may not cause any pain
  • Either way, a hernia can lead to other health problems if left untreated

Our physicians offer surgery and treatment to help individual suffering from hernias.

A Specialized Hernia Program

A specialized Hernia Care program is available at Mercy Philadelphia and is solely dedicated to the treatment of all types of hernias.

  • Screenings, diagnosis and treatment
  • Services tailored to patients’ unique types of hernias
  • Team led by board-certified surgeons, who offer a variety of techniques, including the latest tension-free and minimally invasive surgeries

The goal of the Mercy Hernia Care program is rapid recovery, getting patients back to doing what they love most—without the pain of dealing with a hernia.

Find an Expert Surgeon

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