Osteoporosis Risk Factor Assessment

Osteoporosis in a degenerative disease that weakens the bones and making them brittle and prone to fractures. While men can have osteoporosis, women are four times more likely to have it. Approximately 10 million Americans already have the disease and about 30 million more are at risk. Are you at risk? Let's find out.

Take our short, free online assessment to find out and print a copy of the results for your doctor.

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* I am Caucasion or Asian. (This is a risk factor but all women need to be proactive)
* I am over 45 years old.
* I have a family history of osteoporosis.
* I have previously had an eating disorder.
* I do NOT exercise on a regular basis.
* I do NOT take calcium supplementation.
* I have taken any of the following medications: Steroids, Thyroid medications, Hormones or Anti-convulsants.
* I have a personal or family history of a fracture (hip or vertebral fracture)?