Living a Life with Joint Pain? We Can Help

Is joint pain or limited mobility placing restrictions on how you live your life?  Do something about it today! 

Start with an Orthopedic Assessment

Take a few minutes to complete one of our hip, knee or osteoporosis risk assessments. These short assessments make it easy to tell what your personal risk level is and provides instructions on next steps to share with your doctor. 

Hip Pain

Pain in the hip can be felt in the hip, back, groin or thigh. Sometimes the joint gives way or makes a clicking sound. If you have persistent hip pain take our Hip Assessment.

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Knee Pain

Knee pain can be caused by many reasons such as tears in ligaments or the meniscus, cysts, arthritis, bursitis, and other reasons. To find out where your pain level ranks take our Knee Assessment.

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Preventing Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis can cause your bones to become weak and susceptible to fracture. Learn if you are at risk for bone loss due to osteoporosis.

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Remember to print a copy of your risk assessment results and meet with your primary care physician or contact one of our Dedicated Orthopedic Specialists directly to get you on the road to a more active life. 

Orthopedic Pain Treatment Options

From diagnostic screening and imaging to treatment, we have many, minimally-invasive treatments and state-of-the-art surgical procedures to treat and prevent joint pain and bone fractures. We can also help you build stronger bones through Physical Therapy and our Balance Programs while preventing further injury. Some programs can be done in the comfort of your home as well as our offices. Learn more by visiting the Mercy Orthopedics web page.