Bone Health Program

Strong Bones, Stronger You

Osteoporosis is a degenerative disease that makes your bones, especially the spine and hips, brittle and easy to break. About 10 million Americans already have the disease and over 30 million more are at risk.

Osteoporosis in bonesOsteoporosis is a “silent disease.” Often, breaking a bone is the first clue you have osteoporosis. Some people learn that they have osteoporosis after they lose height from one or more broken bones in the spine. These broken bones can occur even without any specific cause or noticeable pain.

The Mercy Bone Health Program can help. Our comprehensive, physician-led program features a medical evaluation, imaging to assess current bone quality and risk for fracture, and specialized osteoporosis-focused physical therapy. We develop an individualized plan of care to help you improve and maintain your bone health. We work with you to build bone mass, and improve flexibility, balance, and strength to reduce your risk of fractures.

The Mercy Bone Health Program partners with you to:

  • Slow down or stop bone loss
  • Control pain from the disease
  • Prevent or reduce your risk of fractures with medicines that strengthen bone
  • Prevent or reduce risk of fractures with rehabilitation to decrease risk for falls, improve posture and strengthen muscles and bone

Having Healthy Bones

Our goal is to help you build stronger bones and a stronger you. We’re with you every step of the way along your journey to better bone health.

Our bone health program continuum of care includes:

  • Community education on bone health and screenings for osteoporosis
  • Medical evaluation for diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis
  • DEXA scan for bone density testing and fracture risk testing
  • Specialty osteoporosis-specific physical therapy and rehabilitation services
  • Surgical treatment for fractures, including geriatric hip fracture program

At Risk for Osteoporosis?

Take our risk assessment to see if you have risk factors associated with osteoporosis.

Call 1.877.GO MERCY to connect with the Mercy Bone Health program.