Mercy Pharmacy FAQs

  1. What is Mercy Pharmacy?
    Mercy Pharmacy is a retail pharmacy that can fill prescriptions for patients discharged from the Mercy Fitzgerald and its Emergency Department, as well as local community residents.
  2. Where is Mercy Pharmacy located?
    Mercy Pharmacy is located on the first floor of the Sister Marie Lenahan Wellness Center, which is across the street from Mercy Fitzgerald.
  3. What is Mercy Pharmacy’s phone number?
    Mercy Pharmacy’s phone number is 610.237.7330.
  4. Who can use Mercy Pharmacy?
    • Mercy Pharmacy may be used by all patients who:
      • are discharged from Mercy Fitzgerald and its Emergency Department
      • or seek care from physicians whose offices are located in the Sister Marie Lenahan Wellness Center and the Medical Office Building
      • or are residents in the local community
  5. Can my physician call new prescriptions and/or refills into Mercy Pharmacy?
    Yes. Mercy Pharmacy is a fully functional retail pharmacy that can accept and make physician/prescriber office calls for obtaining prescriptions.
  6. What are the hours of operation?
    The hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Saturday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., excluding holidays.
  7. What happens if I need a prescription refilled and the pharmacy is closed?
    Mercy Pharmacy will work with their patients to set up a prescription refill service that will refill the prescription(s) a few days prior to when the prescription is due to be refilled. The prescription can then be picked up at the pharmacy.
  8. How does Mercy Pharmacy obtain my prescription insurance information?
    There is a Mercy Pharmacy information sheet included with your admission information that can be filled out with your address, birth date, telephone number, drug allergy and prescription insurance information. This information is then sent to the pharmacy and entered into the pharmacy’s computer system.
  9. How are my discharge prescriptions sent to the pharmacy?
    The prescriptions can be called into or faxed to Mercy Pharmacy so they can be filled prior to discharge. The prescription(s) will then be filled and can be obtained by pick up at Mercy Pharmacy.
  10. How do I pay for my prescription(s)?
    Mercy Pharmacy will accept credit cards, debit cards and Flexible Spending Account (FSA) cards. Prescriptions can also be paid for by cash if the prescription is picked up at the pharmacy. Checks are not accepted.
  11. What happens if my prescription insurance is not accepted?
    Mercy Pharmacy will determine if you are enrolled in your prescription insurance plan and determine if the pharmacy is permitted to enroll. If the pharmacy is enrolled, the staff may be able to contact your insurance provider to determine eligibility.
  12. How do I receive my filled prescription(s)?
    Prescriptions can be picked up at Mercy Pharmacy by patients and/or caregivers between the normal business hours of Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Saturday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Patients and/or caregivers will have to sign for the prescription(s) and present identification.
  13. Can I transfer my current prescription(s) to Mercy Pharmacy?
    Mercy Pharmacy can contact the current pharmacy to transfer the prescription(s) to Mercy Pharmacy or contact your prescriber for a new prescription(s).
  14. Can I order refills for my prescription(s) at Mercy Pharmacy?
    Prescription refills can be ordered by calling the pharmacy and entering your prescription number(s) via touch-tone telephone.
  15. Can I have new prescription(s) filled at Mercy Pharmacy if I’m not a patient at Mercy Fitzgerald?
    Prescriptions can be called into or faxed to Mercy Pharmacy by the patient’s physician or dropped off at the pharmacy. Physicians can also send in new prescriptions by electronic prescribing. These prescriptions can be picked up at the pharmacy during normal business hours. Prescriptions for maintenance medications (usually a 90-day supply) can also be mailed to the patient’s home, if necessary.
  16. How am I notified that my prescription(s) are ready?
    Patients can be notified that their prescription by phone call. It is important to provide Mercy Pharmacy with a contact number.
  17. Are there medications that I cannot obtain at Mercy Pharmacy?
    There are certain Specialty Pharmacy medications that are restricted to specific specialty pharmacies for dispensing. The staff at Mercy Pharmacy will check to see if they can dispense the medication. If they cannot, they will work with the patient to transfer that prescription to the appropriate pharmacy for fulfillment.
  18. What happens if my prescription requires a prior authorization for approval to fill the prescription?
    Mercy Pharmacy will contact the patient’s prescription insurance payer and prescriber in order to obtain approval for filling the prescription(s). This process may take more than 24 hours.
  19. Does Mercy Pharmacy carry over-the-counter (OTC) products?
    Mercy Pharmacy carries a selection of OTC products for purchase onsite at Mercy Fitzgerald and will work with onsite patients in the event they require a special order. This includes brand name products and generic products that provide a cost savings to patients.
  20. Does Mercy Pharmacy carry Home Health Equipment?
    Mercy Pharmacy stocks a small quantity of Home Health Equipment (e.g. crutches, canes, tips, grips, etc.) for patient convenience. Patients that require larger items or items not stocked will be referred to Mercy Home Health.