TAVR (Transluminal Aortic Valve Replacement)

TAVR for aortic stenosis.TAVR is a procedure that is used to treat patients with aortic stenosis.

TAVR involved the insertion of a stent, that contains a prosthetic valve, in the native aortic valve. It pushes the native valve open, and in fact depends on the calcification of the native valve to hold it in place after deployment.

TAVR cannot be used for patients with aortic insufficiency because there is no calcification. 

Our team of surgeons and cardiologists evaluate each surgical candidate and determine the least risky option for valve replacement for each patient.

One of two types of prosthetic valves, both seen in the image below, may be used in the TAVR procedure:

Two types of valves are available for use in the TAVR procedure.

  • A: Edwards Sapien Valve: Bovine pericardium that is available in two sizes (23 and 26 mm) and is delivered transfemorally by either a 22 or 24 fr. Sheath or a 26 fr. Transapical Sheath
  • B: Medtronic Corevalve: Porcine pericardium that is also available in two sizes (20-23 mm and 24-27 mm) delivered via an 18 fr. sheath for transfemoral.