Hearing and Balance Services

Trauma, disease, medications or simple aging can cause poor balance. Poor balance can cause falls, and falls can be serious. Take our Balance Quiz to see if you’re at higher risk of falling. At Mercy Fitzgerald and Nazareth Hospital, professionals use the latest testing methods and retraining technology to lessen this risk.

Your ears are connected to a complex series of structures inside your head. These structures carry messages from your brain. If they’re damaged, your ears won’t function properly. This can lead to hearing loss, noises in your ears (tinnitus), and even loss of balance and dizziness. Hearing loss is one of the most common ear-related disorders and can impact daily living. Our specialists can evaluate and diagnose your hearing and balance problem, and make recommendations to remediate the problem, whether it involves a doctor’s consult for medication, surgical intervention or hearing aids, if necessary.

Whether you’re experiencing ear-related issues or balance-related issues, our team can help.