Published on June 01, 2018

Want to Keep The Weight Off? Here’s What to Ditch

You did it—you reached your weight-loss goal!

Woman doesn't want breadMaybe you watched your portions, cut out junk food, or became more active—or a combination of all three. Now that you’ve reached your goal, ditching these common habits will help you maintain your new healthy weight.

Ditch: Ignoring Your Weight

When you were focused on losing weight, you may have weighed yourself on a regular basis. Or maybe you paid attention to how your clothes fit. Skipping weigh-ins or ignoring those body cues makes it easy for you to regain lost pounds without noticing right away. Break this habit by “checking in” with your body every week or so.

Ditch: Going It Alone

Have you been keeping your weight-maintenance intentions to yourself? That may set you up for failure. It’s more challenging to reach a goal without support from those closest to you. Let your friends and family know that you’re working on maintaining your weight, and you’ll find it easier to keep it up.

Ditch: Eating Automatically

We often eat in response to triggers. If you always order a muffin when you go out for coffee, you probably do it without thinking. But these kinds of habits can derail you. Keep food out of sight to help you refrain from eating automatically. Avoid distractions like television when you’re eating, too.

Ditch: Using Food as a Reward

Do you treat yourself with a favorite meal or dessert after a demanding day? Those calories can add up much too quickly. Instead, use nonfood rewards, like watching a movie, as motivators.

Ditch: Trying Quick Fixes

It can be tempting to try a fad diet that promises quick results if you’ve put on some weight. Those plans almost always fail, however. Instead, embrace the habits that helped you lose weight in the first place—they can help you maintain your healthier weight over time as well.