Published on October 21, 2016

ReShape Dual Balloon at Mercy Catholic Medical Center

Diet and exercise are vital to every weight loss plan.

But for many people diet and exercise alone may not be enough to achieve weight loss goals.

ReShape logoBariatric surgery is an option for those who qualify, but many fear associated surgical risks, while others want to avoid permanent changes to their stomach or intestines. That is why the Mercy Bariatrics Program now offers the ReShape™ Dual Balloon at Mercy Catholic Medical Center.

The balloon serves as built‐in portion control to significantly aid in weight loss. This means that you can more easily stick to the diet and behavior changes that are required to reach your goals. The device is actually made up of two independent silicone balloons, connected by a tube. It is meant to stay in the body temporarily and is removed at the end of six months. The procedure is a nonsurgical alternative designed for those who have tried but failed in their efforts with diet and exercise and who wish to avoid, or don’t qualify for, surgery.

There are many benefits from the Dual Balloon including:

  • ReShape BalloonSignificantly more weight loss compared to diet and exercise alone.
  • A short, outpatient procedure.
  • Does not involve surgery.
  • Continue to eat the foods you like, just smaller portions.
  • No change in the way food is absorbed.
  • Professional support to help you change your eating habits and maintain weight loss long-term.

Think the procedure could be right for you? Our Mercy Bariatrics team can see if you qualify for the Dual Balloon and recommend the best weight loss option specifically for you. Talk to a ReShape Dual Balloon-certified bariatric surgeon at Mercy Fitzgerald or Mercy Philadelphia today.