Published on January 15, 2016

Police brothers call on Mercy Bariatrics to save their lives

Calling 911 in an emergency is ingrained in us at a very young age. But who do first responders reach out to when they need help?

For police officers Gene and Sean Mackey, they called on Mercy Bariatrics to help them fight obesity and diabetes.

Mackeys and RamDiabetes runs in the male side of the Mackey family. Gene and Sean’s father lost his leg because of it, and in 2009, he died of diabetes at 65 years old.

At the age of 41 and 6 feet tall, Gene weighed 340 pounds. Living with Type 2 diabetes for over 20 years, Gene took four insulin shots a day and was on six medications for his blood pressure, cholesterol and kidney issues. At one point, his doctor wouldn’t pass him for his yearly physical because the creatinine level in his kidneys was too high.

Gene Mackey

Gene Mackey

“As a police officer, handling my job with the extra weight was tough,” said Gene. “Even though I was overweight, I never gave up because I want to help people. If I gave up because of my weight, I would be letting someone down.”

On February 10, 2015, Gene had full gastric bypass with Dr. Prashanth Ramachandra, and as of January 2016, he weighs 230 pounds. After losing 110 pounds, Gene’s diabetes has completely resolved and he is off all medications. He even had to be re-fitted for new police uniforms.

Sean had the same successful results as his brother. Weighing in at 275 at 38 years old and 6 feet tall, Sean also had Type 2 diabetes. He couldn’t maintain his blood sugar levels and was experiencing severe headaches because of it. For eight years, Sean also took four insulin shots a day. Furthermore, he was on medication for ulcerative colitis.

“I was tired of feeling like I couldn’t do anything. I wanted to play with my kids and be healthy,” said Sean. “When I went with Gene to see Dr. Ramachandra, I immediately felt I was in good hands.”

Sean Mackey

Sean Mackey

Sean had a sleeve gastrectomy on April 29, 2015. Since the surgery, Sean now weighs 190 pounds and his diabetes has resolved. Furthermore, he no longer takes medication for ulcerative colitis. Now Sean has doubled his energy level to run and play with his kids.

After having bariatric surgery, Gene and Sean are not only more energized to perform better at their jobs and play with their children, but they also make better nutritional choices. The Mackey brothers are now motivated to eat better and continue shedding the weight, and they no longer crave the types of food consumed before the surgery.

“Before the surgery, I would drink a quart of chocolate milk every other day, but after the surgery, I haven’t had it,” said Sean.

Gene and Sean said Dr. Ramachandra had incredible bedside manner and was focused on what was best for each brother. “His demeanor made it about me; I could tell Dr. Ram cared about me,” said Sean.

Are you ready to take back control of your life and lose the weight for good? Gene and Sean are happy they reached out to Mercy Bariatrics for help, and you will too!

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