Published on April 11, 2016

A nurse’s weight loss success story

Dannielle Bucci is a behavioral health nurse at MPH.

In October 2013, Dannielle underwent a sleeve gastrectomy at Mercy Fitzgerald.

Bucci BeforeBefore the surgery Dannielle, now age 37, weighed 255 pounds. Being overweight was something Dannielle struggled with her entire life. Her weight caused her to have high blood pressure, increased stress levels, sleeping problems, and she was close to becoming diabetic. With the recommendations from her colleagues, Dannielle decided to look into the Mercy Bariatrics program.

Dannielle says, “I chose Mercy because it was a Center of Excellence. If it wasn’t, I wouldn’t have done it and also because I know how they care for their patients. I also researched (bariatric surgeon) Dr. Ramachandra and was really impressed. When I went to talk to people about it, I was nervous but they really made me feel comfortable.”

Bucci AfterSince then, Dannielle has lost 80 pounds. She now weighs 175 pounds and has been keeping the weight off with the instructions provided to her post-surgery.

“They were really great and gave me clear steps I should take. If you follow the instructions, it’s nothing but success,” Dannielle adds. “The effects are more than physical. I have good health now. It’s a very holistic surgery if you put all of your energy in it.”

From the successes of the surgery, Dannielle says that she can now take better care of her patients. “I have a very mobile job, so my hips used to hurt a lot. Now it’s easier to keep a good pace without being in pain.”

She has attended support groups at Mercy and would recommend patients who don’t know much about Bariatrics to attend as well.