Published on June 19, 2017

6 Signs Your Weight-Loss Goals Are Hurting Your Progress

Every weight-loss plan starts with goals.

Goals keep you motivated to work hard and stick to your plan. But some goals could actually make losing weight more difficult. If your goals are too difficult or too rigid, they can make you feel discouraged.

Woman on scaleHere are six signs your goals may be taking away from your success, and what to do about it:

Your goals are too hard.

Your goal should be challenging, but it shouldn’t be impossible. Strive to set realistic goals.

Your goals focus on the negative.

Don’t focus on the junk food or other unhealthy habits you’ll be missing. Instead, think about the positives. Whether you’ll be walking more or trying new recipes, you’re adding to your life, not taking away from it.

Your goals aren’t clear.

You may be so focused on losing weight, you haven’t nailed down the specifics of how you’ll reach that objective. Set definitive goals, like what exercise you’ll do and when you’ll do it. You can also set food related goals, like bringing your lunch from home instead of eating out at work.

Your goals don’t celebrate progress.

If you don’t track your progress, you can easily get discouraged and give up. But every little bit matters. Set goals that are measurable, like servings of fruit and vegetables or your walking distance. Watch your progress and celebrate small wins.

Your goals aim for perfection.

Life isn’t perfect, and your journey to reaching your weight-loss goals won’t be either. Allow yourself to make mistakes or miss a workout. Then get back on track. One setback doesn’t cancel out all your hard work.

Your goals are fixed.

You’re not married to your goals. They can evolve if you’re having trouble achieving them. And if you have already reached your goal, set a new one to keep challenging yourself.