Published on June 19, 2017

5 Ways to Stay Healthy After Weight Loss

Weight loss isn’t a one-time thing.

You need to stick to good habits not only to keep the pounds off, but also to stay healthy. But doing so is a challenge.

Women in kitchenThat’s partly because you’re fighting biology. When you lose weight, your body increases your appetite and tries to hold on to calories as fat. Its’s a survival mechanism. And while that can make maintaining weight loss difficult, it’s not impossible.

Maintaining weight loss is easier when you think about creating a healthy lifestyle overall, rather than just shedding pounds. Here are a few tips to do just that:

Rethink your “diet” plan.

You don’t need to follow a strict diet plan to stay healthy. Instead, make sure you’re filling your plate with nutritionally dense food. Focus on eating plenty of vegetables, fiber, and protein. These foods will help you feel full and keep your blood sugar in check.

Don’t skip meals.

Start your day with a healthy breakfast. Eating in the morning will give you fuel and keep you full so you don’t overeat throughout the day. And cook your meals at home instead of eating out as often as possible. That way you can control what you eat, your portions, and how your food is prepared.

Know your numbers.

While the number on the scale isn’t everything, your weight is a good benchmark to keep you on track. Know your personal healthy weight range, and take action if your weight goes above it.

Track your progress.

Keep a diary of your food and exercise routines. Seeing when you’re sticking to your goals can be a source of motivation. At the same time, identifying when you’re likely to make unhealthy choices can help you make changes.

Keep exercising.

After you lose weight, you may think you can take it easy and exercise less. But regular exercise is key to staying healthy. Try to fit in an hour of moderate activity most days. Mix it up by adding strength training to your routine. After all, muscle burns more calories at rest than fat.