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  • Look on the bright side 3/27/2018

    Change is a part of life. But as we age, change may often involve loss. Our children may move away. We may lose a loved one. Or our health may take a turn for the worse.

  • Take care with allergy medicines 3/27/2018

    As plants release pollen in the spring, many people with hay fever start to sneeze and sniffle. If you’re one of them, you might be reaching for an allergy medicine—and not just a tissue.

  • Tips for helping caregivers grieve 3/27/2018

    If you’re a caregiver who’s recently lost a loved one, here’s something important to know: There’s no right or wrong way to grieve.

  • Don’t risk the flu—get your shot 10/23/2017

    You want to stay healthy and feel good. And one way to do that, especially this time of year, is to get a flu shot.

  • Stress less for better health 10/23/2017

    Too much stress can do more than make you tense. Over time, it raises your risk of serious health problems, from diabetes and depression to heart disease.

  • Make the most of your medications 7/6/2017

    Sometimes, getting and staying healthy means taking medicine.

  • No topic is taboo when talking to your doctor 7/6/2017

    It may not be easy to talk to your doctor about a health concern that seems sensitive or even embarrassing. But it’s crucial that you have the conversation.

  • Speak up about all medicines 10/7/2016

    Here’s something you need to do if you take prescription medicine— and it might surprise you: Tell your doctor about every over-the-counter (OTC) drug you take. No exceptions.

  • Hot tips for summer food safety 6/27/2016

    Safety should always be on your mind when handling food. That’s especially true if you’re an older adult, says Ed Kratowicz, RD, MPH, a dietitian with Mercy LIFE.

  • Protect your skin from the sun 6/27/2016

    After the dark days of winter, it’s always good to see the sun. Who doesn’t enjoy that wonderful warmth on their skin?