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  • Tips for helping caregivers grieve 3/27/2018

    If you’re a caregiver who’s recently lost a loved one, here’s something important to know: There’s no right or wrong way to grieve.

  • Don’t risk the flu—get your shot 10/23/2017

    You want to stay healthy and feel good. And one way to do that, especially this time of year, is to get a flu shot.

  • Stress less for better health 10/23/2017

    Too much stress can do more than make you tense. Over time, it raises your risk of serious health problems, from diabetes and depression to heart disease.

  • The right help for persistent pain 10/9/2017

    Your doctor may suggest other ways, besides taking an opioid, to ease your pain.

  • No topic is taboo when talking to your doctor 7/6/2017

    It may not be easy to talk to your doctor about a health concern that seems sensitive or even embarrassing. But it’s crucial that you have the conversation.

  • Hot tips for summer food safety 6/27/2016

    Safety should always be on your mind when handling food. That’s especially true if you’re an older adult, says Ed Kratowicz, RD, MPH, a dietitian with Mercy LIFE.

  • Protect your skin from the sun 6/27/2016

    After the dark days of winter, it’s always good to see the sun. Who doesn’t enjoy that wonderful warmth on their skin?

  • Tips for staying safe in the heat 6/27/2016

    Every summer you hear about people who’ve gotten sick, and sometimes even died, from the heat. Older adults, in particular, are at risk.

  • Lymphedema: How to cope with swelling 6/14/2016

    Breast cancer treatment can be a lifesaver for women. But like all treatments, it sometimes causes side effects. One of them is a condition known as lymphedema.

  • Make your meds work for you 3/1/2016

    Medications are important for good health. But managing multiple drugs can be hard sometimes. If you’re struggling to keep up, let your doctor know.