Published on April 22, 2019

Your connection to better health

Telehealth monitoringLearn how St. Mary CareConnect telehealth monitoring may help keep you healthy at home and out of the hospital.

Do you have a chronic health condition, such as heart failure, diabetes, high blood pressure or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)? Living with a serious condition isn’t always easy. Among other things, you need to stay on top of your symptoms to make sure your condition isn’t getting worse.

Having a nurse check on your vital signs, such as your heart rate or blood pressure, every day could give you peace of mind and may even help you avoid a trip to the emergency room (ER) or a hospital stay.

That’s what the St. Mary CareConnect Telehealth Monitoring program is all about. It is provided by St. Mary Home Care. Since 2008, telehealth has helped more than 8,000 home care patients in the comfort of their own homes.

Close monitoring

Telehealth allows the St. Mary Home Care team to keep track of your symptoms electronically on a daily basis. And it puts you at the center of your care.

If you receive this service:

Special medical equipment will be set up in your home at no cost to you. You will get a blood pressure cuff, a scale to weigh yourself and a device that goes on your finger to check your heart rate and the oxygen levels in your blood.

You’ll use the equipment to check your vital signs each day.

After you take your vitals, the results are automatically sent to a St. Mary Home Care nurse through a tablet computer—which you’ll receive at no cost—designed specifically for this purpose.

Catching problems early

A home care nurse will check your daily vitals on a computer screen. Here’s an example of what could happen next:

Perhaps you have heart failure and you’ve suddenly gained several pounds. When the nurse notices this change on your reading, he or she will call you and (if needed) your doctor so that any necessary adjustments to your treatment plan can be made right away.

“We can reach out to the doctor in a much faster manner,” says Telehealth Supervisor Lauren Sinclair. “We can recognize these little changes, after we’ve assessed the patient over the phone, to try to keep them out of the hospital.”

In other words, telehealth helps you and your St. Mary Home Care team deal with little problems before they become big ones.

“The St. Mary Home CareConnect Telehealth Monitoring program works,” says Ruth Martynowicz, Vice President of Operations for St. Mary Home Care. “Over 90 percent of our patients who receive St. Mary CareConnect services are able to avoid ER visits, emergency doctor visits or repeat hospital stays while in the program.”

Understand your triggers

St. Mary CareConnect can also help you recognize the symptoms of your disease and learn what may trigger your symptoms.

Say you eat a salty dinner. When you take your vital signs in the morning, your blood pressure and weight may be slightly higher than normal. Because you’re able to track your vital signs daily, you can learn the cause and effect of decisions that may impact your health.

Talk to your doctor if you think the St. Mary CareConnect Telehealth Monitoring program might be a good choice for you. You can also call 1.888.690.2551 to learn more.