Published on April 22, 2019

Steam treatment shrinks enlarged prostate

If an enlarged prostate is disrupting your life, then a novel treatment at St. Mary Comprehensive Urologic Specialists could turn urinary symptoms like a slow urine flow and nightly bathroom trips into a distant memory.

It’s a minimally invasive procedure called Rezm. It shrinks the prostate tissue that causes bothersome urinary symptoms with just a few nine-second blasts of water vapor.

“It’s safe, highly effective and done in an office with just local anesthetic,” says Jamison Jaffe, DO, Chief of Urology at St. Mary Medical Center.

Here’s how it works: Doctors apply steam to the prostate with a tiny needle. As the steam cools, it releases heat energy, which destroys cells and shrinks prostate tissue.

Few side effects

Traditional treatments for an enlarged prostate—like medications and surgery—can cause significant sexual and urinary side effects, Dr. Jaffe says. These can include erectile dysfunction, ejaculation problems and incontinence.

“But the side effects men dread most are almost unheard of with Rezm,” Dr. Jaffe adds.

Are you a candidate?

Rezm makes sense for men with enlarged prostates whose symptoms aren’t well controlled with medicine and who want relief without the potential risks of traditional surgery.

“It’s also a good choice for men who don’t want to take medicine long-term because of possible side effects,” Dr. Jaffe says.

If you choose Rezm, you can look forward to a speedy recovery and a return to most of your routine on the same day of treatment.

And while it may take a week or two for symptoms to significantly improve, “most men are truly happy with the outcome,” Dr. Jaffe emphasizes.

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