Published on July 10, 2017

New Infusion Suite puts patient comfort first

Chemotherapy is one of the cornerstone treatments for cancer. It uses powerful medications to kill cancer cells. Those drugs are often given intravenously—through a port inserted into a large vein—and in cycles.

For cancer patients, getting these IV medications typically means multiple trips to a hospital and long hours sitting as the lifesaving drugs are administered.

To help make that time as pleasant as possible, St. Mary Medical Center recently redesigned its Infusion Suite.

The new suite provides patients with a relaxing, spacious environment as they undergo IV treatments, which can range in duration from an average of two hours to up to six hours for some chemotherapy sessions.

The new Infusion Suite has nine individual treatment bays as well as a private room just for patients with a highly compromised immune system or a transmittable illness.

Each bay has its own TV and extra-special touches, including additional seating for caregivers and loved ones who want to stay during treatments.

The private bays are separated by solid partitions that may be rearranged for an open setting for those who prefer a more social environment during their treatment.