Complete breast cancer care

A team approach helps women navigate screening and treatment

At St. Mary Medical Center, “breast cancer care starts even before a woman is diagnosed,” says radiologist Claire Streibert, MD, Director of Mammography at St. Mary. “It begins when she’s called back for a second look at something suspicious on a mammogram.”

In this case, a breast radiologist reviews the second mammogram and immediately explains the results—no waiting. A nurse navigator is also on hand to help women absorb what they’ve heard and guide them through every stage of their care.

If a biopsy is necessary, the nurse navigator will schedule it and a consultation with St. Mary breast surgeon Russell Reisner, MD. As a result, “a biopsy happens quickly here, typically within a week,” he says.

Dr. Reisner meets with a woman whether her biopsy is positive or negative.
“Some noncancerous findings have ramifications on breast health and the risk of developing breast cancer in the future,” he says. “And if a woman’s biopsy does indicate cancer, she already has an appointment with me. No need to scramble to make one, which also speeds up treatment.”

Total support

If you are diagnosed with breast cancer, “our multidisciplinary team of breast cancer specialists—including medical oncology, radiation oncology, and plastic and reconstructive surgeons—will discuss your case and devise your best treatment plan,” says Hiral Fontanilla, MD, a radiation oncologist and Medical Director of the Breast Program at St. Mary.

We offer a wide range of support services too, including nutrition counseling, psychosocial support, lymphedema therapy, spiritual care and therapeutic massage at St. Mary’s Holistic Center.

“Our goal is supporting you in every way possible so you can concentrate on healing,” Dr. Fontanilla says.