Published on March 01, 2016

You can trust us with your heart

Our Chest Pain Center will quickly diagnose and treat you

Treating a heart attack is a race against time.

chest painThe sooner doctors can open the blocked artery that’s causing a heart attack, the greater the chance of survival. And the lower the risk of lasting harm to the heart.

That’s why if you have chest pain, your heart is in good hands at Nazareth Hospital. Last fall, our Chest Pain Center earned an important recognition. It was fully accredited by the Society for Cardiovascular Patient Care.

This means it meets the highest standards for rapidly diagnosing and treating anyone having a possible heart attack.

“Our hospital’s cardiac team is fully prepared to treat heart attacks,” says Thomas Metkus, MD, FACC, FAHA, Medical Director of the Chest Pain Center.

Doctors here are available 24/7 to open clogged arteries in the heart. And they often do that in less than one hour after a patient arrives. That’s faster than the national standard of care for hospitals.

“All the best practices are in place to save lives,” says Mrugesh Patel, MD, PhD, Medical Director of the Heart and Vascular Lab.

Those practices include:

  • Close contact with emergency medical services (EMS). Often, the EMS team starts medical tests on the way to the hospital. And they send the results ahead. That way doctors can begin diagnosing chest pain before a patient arrives.
  • Careful monitoring of patients when it’s not clear if they’re having a heart attack. “This way no one is sent home too early or needlessly admitted,” Dr. Metkus says.