Published on October 07, 2013

Wound healing and hyperbaric medicine at Nazareth Hospital

Nazareth has a 92% heal rate compared to 88% nationwide.

The longer a sore or wound takes to heal, the higher the risk of serious complications such as infection or amputation. That’s why the staff at the Center for Wound Healing and Hyperbaric Medicine at Nazareth Hospital approaches these complex wounds very seriously—and with documented results that far exceed national standards.

A multidisciplinary team of doctors—including vascular, plastic and podiatric surgeons and internal medicine specialists—work together to develop a personalized care plan for each patient. Many chronic wounds stem from diabetic ulcers, but other wounds include those from vascular disease, surgery, pressure sores and cancer radiation treatments.

Using treatments such as hyperbaric oxygen therapy, vacuum-assisted closure, surgical interventions and bio-engineered skin substitutes, the Wound Center has achieved a 92 percent heal rate, compared to the national average of 88 percent. Our Center also boasts an average of 22 days to heal, compared to the national average of 28 days.

“The ability to help patients heal their wounds really changes their lives,” says Mathew Mathew, MD, Chief Medical Officer at Nazareth Hospital. “The mix of therapies available at the Wound Center is proven to help reduce patients’ healing time and prevent possible limb loss. This helps patients return to the things they enjoy doing most.”