Published on October 24, 2018

Training the next generation of doctors

July is an important month for teaching hospitals like Nazareth.

Charmaine ChanIt’s when newly minted MDs extend their training and start residencies. And the second class of residents arrived at Nazareth Hospital this summer.

The residents are 18 strong—and talented. “They’re also eager to be part of a community hospital where they’ll get to know their patients well,” says Charmaine Chan, DO, Director of Graduate Medical Education.

Nazareth Hospital launched its residency programs in 2017 with residencies in internal medicine, podiatry and pharmacy. This year Nazareth added what’s called a transitional year program. It’s required to qualify for many specialties, such as neurology and radiology.

Helping the community

Programs such as these do more than prepare the next generation of doctors—as important as that is. They also benefit community members.

“The programs are a way of attracting some of the best and brightest physicians to a community,” Dr. Chan says. “Doctors often come back and practice at the hospital where they trained.”

Residents also participate in hospital-wide research and quality improvement projects. “They extend our efforts to make patient care even better,” Dr. Chan says.

That’s why Nazareth is in the process of adding more residency programs.

Coming soon: a program in family medicine, slated for 2019. And in 2020, the hospital plans to welcome its first residents in emergency medicine.