Published on February 07, 2014

Talk to Nazareth Hospital gynecologist Dr. Diane Robinson

Schedule your annual gynecological exam, mammogram and be evaluated for high blood pressure and diabetes.

Diane RobinsonLadies: If you’ve committed to getting healthier in 2014, start by booking your annual women’s health check-ups, says Nazareth Hospital gynecologist Diane Robinson, MD. The adage that prevention is better than a cure still holds true, she notes.

“Schedule your annual gynecological exam and mammogram,” she advises.

Also, make an agreement with yourself to do monthly breast self-exams. Screening exams are just as important as seeing the doctor when there is a problem.”

If you have been sexually active, be sure to get screened for sexually transmitted diseases, Dr. Robinson adds.

“It’s also important to be evaluated for chronic health problems such as high blood pressure and diabetes, especially if you have a family history,” she says.

Since losing weight and eating better top the list for many women, Dr. Robinson encourages her patients to be realistic about what they can accomplish – and be flexible if life gets in the way.

“Say you plan to exercise three times a week and then a meeting comes up that interferes,” she says. “Get creative to keep the commitment. Don’t give up.”

Do It for Your Family

  • Make better eating a goal for the whole family. “Life gets crazy and everybody’s on the run,” Dr. Robinson says. “Maybe it starts with one less fast-food meal a week.”
  • Clean your house of snacks. “Ice cream, cookies and chocolate will be more special if you have them only once in a while,” she points out.
  • Encourage exercise for all. If your kids see that it’s a priority for you, it will be important for them, too.
  • Want to lose weight? Think lifestyle change, not “diet.”
  • Control portions. Be aware of how oversized many restaurant and fast-food meals are.
  • Don’t prepare different foods for yourself and your family. If you are eating healthier, so should your family.
  • Don’t make your time for exercise dependent on others. Plan it just for you.

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