Published on June 14, 2016

Staying Well: Avoid a return trip to the hospital

hospital gownNearly one in four patients nationwide who are admitted to a hospital with certain common medical problems are readmitted just weeks after discharge.

At Nazareth Hospital, we’re deeply committed to keeping our patients healthy and avoiding readmissions. But we need your help to make that happen.

Before you leave the hospital, be sure to ask your doctor or nurse who you should call if you have problems once you’re home—and get a phone number. Also find out about your:

ItemWhat to Know
Medications: You may have been prescribed new ones in the hospital. If so, learn why you need to take them, how much you need to take and how often you need to take them. Also, see if you should keep taking your regular medicines.
Activities: See if you should hold off on driving, climbing stairs or lifting things—and if so, for how long.
Medical appointments: Follow-up tests or doctor appointments may be scheduled before you leave the hospital. Let us know if you need help with transportation.

Speak up, too, if you’ll need help with tasks like bathing, getting dressed or cooking. We can help arrange any extra assistance you need.

Together, we can reduce your risk of another hospital stay—and help you stay well.